I don't think this one needs words... but just in case, this painting is looking to Homosexual love. I'm still shocked how much homophobia there is out there.

Moobs - Propaganda trolls (Study)

This Study is looking to psychology, fashion, ignorance and social critique.

The figure has the affiliation of Moobs (Man boobs) and can be viewed in two ways one he should be ashamed of this or he canvalue and accept this. The pose could be anger at himself or anger at judgments of

The pressures of men have increased over the last two decades to fit a certain media archetype. This has resulted in a mass increase of cosmetic plastic surgery among men. The fashion models that fill our visual periphery does have a psychological impact. The fashions sold to us to fulfill a certain happiness desire are shown in the labeled/branded undergarment.

Could these establishments be our propaganda trolls... pushing our heads in a certain direction to fulfill their own desires?