Gods Will – Greedy little paradoxes of information

This painting is a vast collection of interrelated metaphors and symbolism.

The main figure standing on the catwalk represents humankind as the centre of its own attention. Holding the smartphone with a large smiley emblem on its screen, this represents the speed of technology and the ‘must have’ techniques employed by the mass media – mostly advertising – the veins of Capitalism, represented here by the whip. The Trilobite belt buckle represents the evolution of life on the planet, fashioned in a leopard style print; this represents the fashions of science, the evolutions of science itself, as well as the gyrations of the fashion industry’s.

To the left we have a representation of one of the most iconic images during the 2011 riots in London, to the Right a Black Hole. On the man’s shirt we see Stephen Hawkins Information paradox equation, where the S symbol has been turned into the dollar sign ($). Hawkins, being tackled about this equation and proved wrong (Matter/information sucked into black holes is lost) comes back at the physics establishment with a theory that Black Holes suck in matter only to transport that matter to another dimension.

I argue that greed (part of the cause/actions of the London Riots)is our biggest concern as a species and the paradox of the information available to us is that we don’t, as a species, as a collective recognise the damage our own values as a society is doing to our own species. Corporation values are damaging the biosphere to a level where we will not be able to sustain our current way of life and may even damage the system to a point where it is completely damaging for our survival as well as that of all the other species on the planet. But then maybe these are lessons we need to learn as a species, we seem to only see the consequences when they are staring us in the face, apart from those of us that can see the interconnections at play here, maybe this is Gods Will.

The point of the painting is looking at knowledge, the progression of knowledge, fashions of this knowledge and not utilising the knowledge that we already have. A mish mash painting… but one that represents the big mish mash questions of our contemporary society, a balanced symmetrical painting unbalanced by information but holds true that there is order to this chaos. “Form and structure in chaos, mathematics for the rough and irregular shapes in nature” - Mandelbrot (taken from the Secret Life of Chaos).



Good God (Study)

This painting is a study again on tattoos.

Looking to longing sexuality and temptation.

Again playing around with cliches, here we see the temptress sitting in front of a pile of logs for burning on an open fire... maybe in a log cabin.