A short critique on the West and its Governing Political Philosophy – Democratic Capitalism

The Wests' current political governing philosophy, a Democratic Capitalist society, where the fundamental principal is profit, leads me to great concern for the future of our species. This principal value overrides that of human needs, satisfaction and gratification. Future enhancement of this all-encompassing practice will lead to greater gaps in monetary wealth of its peoples and all the social upheaval that comes with this political practice - because the main thrust, value, objective of Capitalism is profit over all other values. I feel it would also be fair to mention that this, power (governing and industrial) is very corruptible… the old proverb of ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ rings true to me as I expand on my own knowledge of history… I would suggest our political leaders spend more time working on their spirituality which in turn would sharpen their moral values and hopefully lead to less corruption. The spiritual, reflective, questioning path does lead to more compassion - for me this has been my study and my challenge.

A possible way to create a more positive political governing future could be a move to a green driven socialist / modern-communist (with the understanding we now have of industry taken into great consideration) political structure. Still incorporating certain capitalist principals, we don’t want to eradicate the positives of business building, but a strong government must set the tone of the values and expectations of these industries. As a species with a lot of knowledge, we must utilise this to the best we can by constantly reviewing and changing where necessary negativity that seeps through and materialises. A Theory based political governing philosophy of Critical Realism should be implemented. Here we take knowledge and scrutinise its socio-historic content taking and working on the positives and tackle and debate difficult problematic questions… such as our increasing global population, the disappearing natural resources and our effect on wildlife and the environment as surely we can’t continue on this rapid acceleration without disabling our own resources. Most wars now are started to control these resources. Any other government led explanation, I would argue, is a sugar coated cover story (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

I believe a better balanced future is possible for our species and by honest debate we can help to build these bridges.