Death of the Concept

I saw this tower block being pulled down and loved the bright colours of the remains of the lives of the people who had lived there; these colourful working class lives said something about poverty and colour.

This painting is also looking to comments flying around in the early 90s saying “Painting is Dead” This ugly little comment still rears it’s ignorant head every now and again, but I couldn’t put this comment farther from the truth. Painting is well and truly alive and flourishing in some new and wonderful ways.

A friend also pointed out the title referenced a book he had read where with the pulling down of many of these 60s tower blocks likened Modernism to have failed in social housing. The book is Charles Jenks, “The Language of Post-Modern Architecture” – The Death of the Concept. I can’t quote this as I haven’t read it, but intend to do some research there.