New Dogmatic

This painting is looking to Christianity, Catholicism and the Church of England - all
religions that have spread from the words of Jesus.

The intent of this work is to question dogmatic notions of religion focusing on parents who
force their children to follow their own religion. I’m curious to thoughts if this practice was made illegal, would the religions of the land dissolve away after a few generations? After all Professor Dawkins has proved once a child is
indoctrinated in a rigorous religious upbringing it is difficult for the child to critically think beyond their original initial dogmatic education; a form of brainwashing? The Crow represents the dark side to this painting as the manipulation of power over others.

I did not want to appear Christian bashing, I believe there are many positive aspects of
the religion, and the unquestioned life after all is a life in ignorance. I think to the Bible and there are many positive ideas and notions presented. I have represented these as the leaf cutting ants climbing up the scaffold crucifix towards the child.

I have also added ants carrying an Apple Mac, I wanted to show how consumerism, especially
Apple have their products presented in their shops as items worthy of worship. Look at the altarpiece display tables, the lighting and how they help create frenzy when opening there stores. I also like the connotations of the Apple and the Garden of Eden associations to this piece; perhaps technology is the new Garden of Eden, but this also presents us with problematic dilemmas… shall we indulge completely in the apple? Or shall we just eat it when were in need of one of our five a day? Questions into the overuse of technology over spiritual pursuits and addictions into this new fast expanding technology.

Star Me Ktten - SOLD OUT

This painting is looking to fashions and changing attitudes, the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' brand has resurfaced with vengeance recently, this notion juxtaposed with the fashionable cross gendered youth in the image highlights a constantly changing society and the difficulties and challenges with fashion, sexuality, decisions to change your sexuality and perceived notions in society.

The sold stickers on the wall represent the Tate show 'Pop World' which was originally to be called 'Sold Out'. This in turn is highlighting and questioning fashions in the art world, money and the real value in art.

Painted Jan 2011

Copy/Past (Study)

This study ended up helping produce a theme of adding tattoos to many paintings and pushed this idea into a large part of my new work.

A simple nude study becomes something more, the Banksy tattoo on her ankle, also referencing 'copy' and 'past' tattooed on her fingers adds depth to the image. The body becomes another canvas to paint on within the image.

Thoughts turn to the way we recycle images and popularise them, especially with the ever faster uses of technology. From the beginnings of pop art to the recent mass circulation of the Abu Ghraib photos, this mass circulation of images can help us reflect more deeply as a society. As we copy and paste we copy the past making it more accessible to all with the introduction of the internet.

Painted Jan 2011/July 2011

The Goddess of Good Hope

This Painting is looking to starvation in third world countries and the idea of using insects as a renewable source of protein.

I like playing with clichéd images and adapting these and pushing them a little further. I do believe there is real truth in clichéd images. Here I refer to the skulls in the babies eyes as a metaphor for death.

The Beetle, seen as a worshipped/sacred insect in many cultures, mainly the Scarab, but here I used the Stag as visually, it to me, seems the most impressive of the beetles, its powerful jaws represent a real ephemeral power.

One of its legs pointing at the Cape of Good Hope represents the theme of the painting, a chance of renewed hope in this insect food ideology.

Painted in Jan 2011, this paining marked to me a start of a new focus on the work. Where before I had not been overly concerned with the detail of the painting, after some good criticism from a close friend (Rachel), I decided that I needed to pay more attention to the detail. This led to a much better quality of work.