Bum Note

This painting is referencing anti capitalist thoughts.

I am someone who feels that the expanding capitalist system is not the best all encompassing global philosophy that benefits humanity's well being.

It does seem that despite efforts, the gap between rich and poor is expanding. There's an article I know exists in an old issue of New Scientist that explains this "gap" will only increase with our residing state of politics. I need to get my hands on this essay...

Obviously, humans have always bartered and exchanged good for goods... I don't have answers, i have questions to explore and a lot to learn. But I do have a strong sense of ethics and know greed is probably one of our greatest threats. Bankers... Know thyself...

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  1. If you tick the Not a Clue box, I do encourage you to leave a comment. It's through discussion that I hope to learn and understand this world a little better, and hopefully you will too. :)

    Same for this Lad has a point.