The Goddess of Good Hope

This Painting is looking to starvation in third world countries and the idea of using insects as a renewable source of protein.

I like playing with clichéd images and adapting these and pushing them a little further. I do believe there is real truth in clichéd images. Here I refer to the skulls in the babies eyes as a metaphor for death.

The Beetle, seen as a worshipped/sacred insect in many cultures, mainly the Scarab, but here I used the Stag as visually, it to me, seems the most impressive of the beetles, its powerful jaws represent a real ephemeral power.

One of its legs pointing at the Cape of Good Hope represents the theme of the painting, a chance of renewed hope in this insect food ideology.

Painted in Jan 2011, this paining marked to me a start of a new focus on the work. Where before I had not been overly concerned with the detail of the painting, after some good criticism from a close friend (Rachel), I decided that I needed to pay more attention to the detail. This led to a much better quality of work.

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