Destiny Calling

This painting is looking to Eastern Philosophies of Karma. Pretty much understood in the West as if you do some thing bad, something bad will happen to you, this is only partly true.

Karma is mostly seen in Buddhist practices as what you do now effects you latter (Or in another life time). For instance if you eat to much, will will most probably gain a lot of weight. If you go out to much you will inevitably be incredibly tired. The aim is balance. The same can be looked at for anger and hatred.

This painting looks at giving into hatred and aggression and how it inevitably leads to more of this behaviour if unconsidered and left to fester. Think of the old saying "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword"

The teenage chav (the burberry cap) is roasting a cat on an open fire, the Gargoyle behind him is the representation of Karma on his actions, by taking this path of killing he is more likely to do it again and eventually become a different person because of his actions. What we choose to do in life effects who we will become.

This painting came to me in a dream in Valencia in Spain. The Gargoyle (actually known as a Grotesque, as I found out from watching QI last night) is from a huge statue in the city, I guess it effected my subconscious more than I realised.

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