A Wonderful Disaster

This painting is the first painting I created which I felt really fitted in with the principals of Critical Realism.

After the Tsunami which hit Phuket during Christmas 2004, This man was saved by a helicopter, he survived the tsunami by standing on the roots of an upturned tree. He stated he prayed to God to save his life and his calls were answered.

I am fascinated by God and religion, I find it difficult to have any faith in religion as I see a history in which religion is responsible for a lot of wars, death and suffering on this planet, especially when the aim is so far from this. As Critical Realism is a research method, religion is one area I will concentrate on highly in my work. Critical Realism will deal with looking to the difficult to answer questions and the thought processes mankind assumes to survive in the world. Religion and Politics have always been put to one side in polite conversation, Critical Realism aims at provoking polite conversation, to attain higher knowledge and in the end truth, as far as truths exist anyway.

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