Karuna is a Buddhist term for ultimate love.

I believe John Lennon was right in saying all you need is love.

The painting is set in a Post War torn apocalyptic world. There are so many films that encapsulate this landscape as our future, I’m curious if it’s not somewhere been logged in our subconscious that this will turn out to be our future. “What you think about becomes your reality” Dr Wayne Dyer.

A Chimpanzee has taken a young Tiger cub down into the foundations of a fallen in building, hiding from the ferocious Arctic winds that prevail above, Karuna, ultimate love.

(The image of the Chimpanzee and the White Tiger cub is a real image taken from a zoo in America, you can see nothing but love in the face of the adoring primate, its quite uplifting and shows real love between species)

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